Car MP3 Player
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Product Name : Car MP3 Player
Product Origin : China
Product Category : Car MP3 players
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Contact Details : Topfar Industrial (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Product Code : 001
Product Details
1) U-disk transmitter, car wireless mp3 player
2) Change audio signal into FM signal and transmits wirelessly. You could
enjoining mp3 music in u-disk from car radio without earphone
3) Car wireless patent technology, patent No.:200530068667.7
4) Making the disturbance from outside, Emission power can be very low,
no radicalization
5) Car sound transfer: two interface for mp3, connected to many frequency
equipments, like MP3 PDA CD DV portable DVD
6) Good memory function: can remember the song played last time
7) Support MP3 / WMA
8) Radiation distance: 3 - 5 meter (best effect)
9) One side connect with car cigar lighter, another side connect with U-disk or
MP3 player
10) FM channel: 88.9MHz, 107.9MHz