Wine Collar
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Product Name : Wine Collar
Product Origin : China
Product Category : Bar/wine sets & accessories
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Product Code : collar-007
Product Details
Wine Collar:
A wine collar is a wine accessory that fits around the neck of a wine bottle. When in place it absorbs any drip that may run down the bottle after pouring. This is beneficial for preventing stains to surfaces that the bottle comes in contact with such as table cloths or counter tops. Wine collars are also commonly known as a drip ring, drip dickey or drip collar.

Designs for this simple accessory have varied for over a hundred years. In 1872, W.R. Miller was issued a patent for a "drip cup", which formed a circular gutter that would catch the fluid. The most recognized wine collar today is typically a plastic or silver ring with an interior lining of red or black felt. When slipped over the neck of the bottle the felt absorbs the drip.

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Wine Collar