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Product Name : Pagers
Product Origin : China
Product Category : Multifunction pagers
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Contact Details : Zhejiang Wanzhong Communication Co., Ltd.
Product Code : 001
Product Details
1) Personal information: Can receive 40 personal informations, the
length of each information do not limit,can add to lock 30.
2) The information has great capacity: There are 63 mailboxes title
totally ,and the total capacity is 480,000 English words.
3) The special screen :Hold with the big and high and clear a LCD
manifestation, each hold the eight lines of showing 64 English words.
4) The aspect of read: Can be fast from title look for the needing information.
5) Protection of extinguish the screen :the exclusive adoption the spot
protection of extinguish the screen function.
6) The function of change the velocity inside by aerial, sets up valid
usage term,and opens / shut down the machine.
7) Can add the lock, also clock, alarm clock, flap bell etc. function
8) 7.5mm(length)*5.8mm(width)*2mm(high)