Mcnpro Box
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Product Name : Mcnpro Box
Product Origin : China
Product Category : Phone testers
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Contact Details : eoem
Product Code : EO-003506
Product Details

McnPro Box is Professional Phone Software Solution, the best software for china mobile  .

  • Support automatical identification ,Scan the phone's pinouts definition in few seconds.

  • Support many chips such as MTK, ADI, SPD, SKY,TI,INF,AGERE,OM etc.

  • Built-in USB detection chip which make USB detection the phone more fast and more accuracy.

  • Negative / positive can be converted fully automated. It is more convenient to detect tail socket.

  • High speed serial port PL2303 and FT232 and 24pins COM which makes route unlimited.

  • Scan VCC, GND, TXD, RXD and high-voltage startup route (or low-voltage startup route).

  • Perfect over-voltage protection

  • It is a unibox so such some free software you can direct use

  • The pinfinder was included

  • More powerful fuction in action

Package content :

- 1 pcs Mcnpro box.

- 1 pcs 9V DC.

- 26 pcs cable.