AV TO HDMI Converter
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Product Name : AV TO HDMI Converter
Product Origin : China
Product Category : Broadband networking products
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Contact Details : Shenzhen Lenkeng Technology Co
Product Code : LKV361
Product Details
Convert analog VIDEO, AUDIO(L/R) to HDMI signal and scales up video to HDTV 720P format via Digital Conversion Technology to imporve Effect of images and sounds; convert vcd/dvd to HDTV signal to connect hi-clear HDMI TV and can improve effect of AV long-rang transfers.
- Scales up video to HDTV 720p format;
- Automatic lipsync(audio delay) ensures audio video synchronization;
- 20p HDMI output at 50Hz or 60Hz vertical rate following input vertical rate;
- Audio is incorporated into HDMI out as well as passthrough to phone-jack output;
- Input video systems - NTSC3.58 / PAL auto-detection;
- DVI compatible by using HDMI to DVI adaptor;