The CPE three RJ11 ADSL Splitter
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Product Name : The CPE three RJ11 ADSL Splitter
Product Origin : China
Product Category : POTS/ISDN splitters
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Contact Details : Shenzhen YiXi Electronics Co.,ltd
Product Code : AS-GC2
Product Details

AS-GC2 can eliminate the interference between data signal and voice signal transmitted in the same telephone line and make the internet and telephone go both at the same time(Data signal for internet   voice signal for telephone)

The structure of AS-GC2: One RJ11 at one end for line.

                                             Two RJ11 at the other end for phone and modem.

Brand YX Model  AS-GC2
Input interface RJ11 Output interface RJ11
Bandwidth 4.4(MHz) Transmission distance 100(m)
Power supplier voltage 12(V)  Power supply frequency 20K(Hz)
Power supply 6(W) Working temparature -15*85(°C)



  Modem impedance 30 kHz to 4.4M Hz 100 Ω  
  Insertion loss  @  1020 Hz <0.3dB  
    200 Hz<f<3.4 kHzwith 1020Hz center <± 1 dB  
  Return loss 300 Hz< f< 500 Hz >=14 dB  
    500 Hz< f< 2000 Hz >=18 dB  
    2000 Hz< f< 3400 Hz >=14 dB  
  Longitudinal conversion loss LCL 50 Hz< f< 600 Hz > =40 dB  
    600 Hz< f< 3400 Hz >=46dB  
    3400 Hz< f< 30K Hz >=40dB  
    30K Hz< f< 1104K Hz >=45dB  
    1104K Hz< f< 4.4M Hz >= 30 dB  
  Delay distortion 500 Hz<f<2800Hz 150 u sec  
  DC resistance   <25 Ω  
  Isolation resistance, branch-branch 100 VDC; term = ∞ Ω >5MΩ  
  Stop band attenuation 30 kHz<f<138 kHz >45 dB  
    138 kHz<f<4.4 MHz >55dB

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