wine cooler,Wine Cellar
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Product Name : wine cooler,Wine Cellar
Product Origin : China
Product Category : Ice buckets & wine/champagne coolers
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Product Code : FW-1B
Product Details
FREECOOL semiconductor Wine Cooler (Wine Cellar) is a High Tech Cooler Equipment which is similar to storing the wines in cellar. The claret is actually in the process of re-fermentation after it is put in market. And the re-fermentation process of animalcule will be much more sufficient if we store the wines in a suitable temperature and a non-vibration which will make the wines sweeter and taste well. The temperature in our Semiconductor Wine Cooler can be controlled between 10-18 , Which is the best taste temperature of wine. Meanwhile, the key is that we use semi-conductor cooling system, so there will be No vibration, No Freon, Lowest Noise (<35dB), Low power consumption, and Environment friendly during it is working, since continuous vibration and noise will influence the process of re-fermentation and taste sour. This is a big problem of the compressor coolers not to be solved.