AV TO VGA converter
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Product Name : AV TO VGA converter
Product Origin : China
Product Category : Broadband networking products
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Contact Details : Shenzhen Lenkeng Technology Co
Product Code : FLY7503
Product Details
If you want low-cost LCD instead of costly digital TV or transform AV into VGA signal ,FLY7503AV Converter is your best choice ,it can transform all AV or S-VIDEO signal into VGA signal with no losing,meanwhile can adjust lighteness, contrast etc. parameter.
FLY7503AV Converter supply Video Convert resolution with economy,high efficiency, ideal for you.
- 1channel video input
- 1channel S-video input
- 1channel VGA signal input
- 1channel VGA signal output
- DC-5V outside power supply
- Supports signal: VIDEO, S-VIDEO,CVBS,VGA
- Support system : PAL/NTSC
- Output Resolution:800×600@60HZ,800×600@75HZ,1024×768@60HZ
- Can adjust lighteness, contrast ,color saturation etc parameter.
- Image freeze
- Save current work estate when the power cut
- Caption prompt in work estate

- Remote control function