solar panel
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Product Name : solar panel
Product Origin : China
Product Category : Solar panels
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Contact Details : xinwei solar energy facility factory
Product Code : xwp01
Product Details

1.It is designed in accordance with requirements stipulated in IEC 1215:1993 Standards issued by International Electro-technical Commission. It adopts advanced techniques and production equipment, which ensures its stable and reliable power output and a use life as long as 25 years.

2. Every 18 pieces or 36 pieces of crystalline silicon solar cells are installed at the side of diode, which efficiently avoids hot spot.

3. Covered by dark blue silicon nitride as the battery of anti-reflection film, ensuring beautiful appearance.

4. It is laminated by high light transmission toughened glass, aging resistance EVA, high performance crystalline silicon solar cells and good weathering resistance TPT, ensuring good weathering resistance, anti-hail and water-proof.