Pocsag 2/4 Line Alphanumeric Pager
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Product Name : Pocsag 2/4 Line Alphanumeric Pager
Product Origin : China Taiwan
Product Category : Alphanumeric pagers
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Contact Details : A-TEN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
Product Code : 001
Product Details
Smart LCD screen that displays 112 x 32 dots,4 lines for English display,2 lines for bigger character
Message Capacity(Total25,000 characters of English or 12,500 of Chinese memory capacity)
Personal message:32 sets messages, dynamic characters memory per message
Mail-Drop message:48 sets mail-drop, dynamic characters memory per message
Four lines normal size Alpha display,4x18 = 72 English characters per screen
Two lines bigger size Alpha display,2x14 =28 English characters or 16 Chinese per screen
Memory retention, memory back-up under main battery replacement
Unread message remainder alert every 3 minutes
Custom selectable power-on LCD screen display function
Timer function(downor up Timer)
Battery voltage measuring function
Date and Time display
Date and Time Stamping of message
Message Lock function
Duplicate message indication
Message full indication
Message error indication
Low battery indication
Option to delete individual message or erase all
Selectable alert mode,4 kinds of beep tones,10 kinds of Melodies, vibration and silent
Alarm function,3 sets of alarms with 10 event setting
Adjustable LCD contrast
Illumination backlight for easy night ready
Automatic power on/off(silentreceiving)