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Address : Hardware Technology Industry Zone Yongkang Zhejiang China
Main Business
All categories - 200 products

Canisters - 1 product

Cocktail mixers/shakers - 1 product

Coffee pots & sets - 11 products

Food storage containers - 6 products

Hip flasks - 5 products

Ice buckets & wine/champagne coolers - 3 products

Non-electric air pots - 5 products

Plastic mugs/cups/tumblers - 5 products

Salt & pepper mills/sets - 2 products

Sports flasks - 4 products

Sports/water bottles - 16 products

Stainless steel mugs/cups/tumblers - 39 products

Travel mugs - 24 products

Vacuum flasks - 78 products
Nanlong Group -- Mainland China's Output Leader
We produce an amazing 60,000 units every day. That makes us the mainland China output leader for stainless steel vacuum flasks and mugs. Our R&D team develops 10 new models every month for your consideration, and we are happy to develop your OEM/ODM projects, too.
Nanlong Products Have FDA Approval
To meet your quality requirements, we use imported raw materials from Korea and perform QC according to AQL guidelines. With FDA approval, our vacuum flasks, travel bottles and mugs, coffee pots, food jugs, and hip flasks sell well in major markets worldwide.

Orders Delivered in Just 25 days
Shipping your orders efficiently is not a problem for us. With our 120,000-square-meter factory, 10 production lines and 1,000 employees, we can complete your orders in just 25 days.

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Nanlong Management Philosophy:

Supply high quality products
Offer great services
Guarantee reasonable prices
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