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Tel. : (886 3) 3230567 Fax. : (886 3) 3230625
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Address : No. 20, Lane 20, Ta-Hsing Rd Lin 1, Hsinchuang Tsun Lu Chu Hsiang Tao Yuan Taiwan
Main Business
All categories - 25 products

Ashtrays - 1 product

Coffee grinders - 2 products

Electric juice extractors - 3 products

Electric sandwich/pizza/waffle makers - 3 products

Food presses/cutters/slicers/crushers - 1 product

Garment & tie hangers - 1 product

Hand juicers - 4 products

Ice cream & yogurt makers - 2 products

Ice crushers & shavers - 2 products

Magnifiers - 1 product

Non-electric food peelers & choppers - 3 products

Nutcrackers - 1 product

Shoe cabinets & racks - 1 product
Delivering to buyers worldwide
For almost 20 years, buyers in Europe, Japan and North America have relied on Be Lih Do for a wide range of contemporary kitchenware and household products. Our products include apple peelers, can openers, juicers, sandwich makers and other goods for use in homes or restaurants.
Your custom designs brought to life
Once you have the ideas for new products, just send us your designs. We have plastic injection molding equipment and a seasoned R&D team that will work with you to create the custom molds for your new goods. Be Lih Do's OEM services include labeling your goods with your company's logo, as well as designing the packaging and instruction materials for sale in your region.

Made exclusively with Taiwan materials
Be Lih Do insist on using only quality materials sourced here in Taiwan. This means lower shipping costs and faster lead time for material procurement. It also means reliable sourcing power to complete your volume orders. So you save money, get your products to market sooner and can trust that even your large quantity orders will be completed promptly. For more information, contact us today.