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Main Distribution Frames (MDF)
Digital Distribution Frames (DDF)
Optical Distribution Frames (ODF)
Premise Distribution Systems (PDS)
Intelligent Household Distribution
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Power Distribution Cabinets
Lightening Protection Products
Guangdong Tianle Telecom Equipment Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing modern telecommunication equipment since 1986. Having made great progress over the years, we have fixed assets worth USD15,000,000 and annual sales turnovers reaching USD40,000,000.

Now, Tianle is one of the most important telecom equipment suppliers in the telecom distribution and premise distribution industries. In addition, our enterprise was recognized as one of the "Top 10 Excellent Enterprises in Electronics" and one of the "Top 100 Advanced Technology Enterprises in China". What's more, our registered "Tianle" brand has been recognized as a provincial famous trademark.

With the aid of our diligent technicians, advanced equipment and strict quality assurance system, we have produced a broad range of high quality telecom products during the past years, which fall into 9 different categories. Our product range now features main distribution frames (MDF), optical-fiber distribution frames (ODF), digital distribution frames (DDF), mixed distribution frames, intelligent control systems and premise distribution systems (PDS). We also offer power distribution cabinets, high-frequency connecting devices, and lightening protection products. Our ODF, DDF and other intelligent telecommunication products currently enjoy excellent market performance.

In this new century with a new concept of management, we are evolving into a highly scientific and international group here to serve consumers worldwide.