Quanzhou East Tern Handicraft Manufacture Co Ltd

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Tel. : (86 595) 22118596 Fax. : (86 595) 22118595
Web Site : http://www.easttern.com
Address : No. 2-204, Jingren Building Huxin Commercial Street Quanzhou Fujian China
Main Business

All categories - 20 products

Christmas decorative supplies - 2 products

Cocktail spoons & stirrers - 1 product

Food packaging & biodegradable disposable tableware - 1 product

Novelty flags/windsocks & accessories - 2 products

Novelty lanterns - 2 products

Party decorative supplies - 10 products

Party masks/hats - 2 products
Quanzhou Eastern has over 20 years of experience as a large volume producer and designer of party favors and carnival items. Our handicrafts are popular in the US and Europe.
Strong design ability keeps us on top
Our team of designers launches new designs every month to ensure you always offer trendy items to your clients. Send us your concept ideas and we'll turn them into samples within your budget. Our best selling items include paper garlands, cocktail decorations, lanterns and confetti.

Quality controlled mass production
Highly trained in quality management, our 30 QC members inspect your orders at every stage of the production process.

Quick order support service
We'll send a detailed reply to your inquiries within 24 hours. Contact Quanzhou East Tern today to find how could we work together for our mutual benefit.