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Address : 14465 Welford Way, Carmel, Indiana, United States
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Iron Casting
Steel Forging
Marine Hardware
Plastic Molding
Sheet Metal Stamping
IQE LLC, based in indianapolis, indiana, is a worldwide manufacturing supplier of steel forging, iron casting, metal stamping, aluminum extrusion and plastic molding products. It makes a wide variety of products, including marine and rigging hardware, automotive parts, construction parts, stamped and plastic parts for home electric appliances. The production base is located in Asia, very convenient for transportation by sea, railway or air. We have customers in China, Mexico, USA, Canada, Chicago illinois, ohio, virginia, florida, los angeles, new jersey, and michigan.

The forging and casting plant is around 120,000 sqm. The floor area for forging and casting is 50,000 sqm. For casting, we have 231 updated equipments for casting plant, the annual output is 55,000tons, the products are in ductile, gray and malleable irons weighted from 0.1kgs to 100kgs. For forging, we have 31 lines of updated forging equipment at our forging plant, they're die hammer, friction press, punching machine and trimming machine. The annual output of the forging plant is 8000tons. The products are in mild carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel weighted from 0.1kgs to 30kgs.

The metal stamping, fabrication and aluminum extrusion plant is the joint venture with italian bridge Europe orient SRL in 1995. Our plant is around 50,000 sqm. The annual out put is 150 million parts. Through the cooperation with international enterprises for many years, the production design, quality and technology has reached the international most advanced level. For approvals, we have got ul ulc for America, CE for Europe, etc.