Quanzhou Nan Fone Telecommunications Co Ltd

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Tel. : (86 595) 22889201 Fax. : (86 595) 22885157
Web Site : http://www.nanfone.com
Address : Tangxi Industrial Zone Luojiang District Quanzhou Fujian China 362011
Main Business

All categories - 14 products

Handheld two-way radios - 5 products

In-vehicle two-way radios - 1 product

Long-range cordless telephones - 8 products
We design and manufacture long-range cordless phones and walkie-talkies. Thirteen years in the business, we are now one of the most powerful OEM/ODM resources in Fujian.
Experts comprise our R&D, ensuring you of regular output of new items. We operate a 6,000-square meter plant, divided into five workshops to better cater to your specific needs. Five production lines outfitted with the most advanced SMT equipment roll out 20,000 cordless phones every month. And to meet growing demand, we???ll be expanding our facilities to 8,000 square meters and employ 200 more workers to facilitate your orders.

Made with components from Japan, the Taiwan area, and Hong Kong SAR, our products are shipped to the Middle East, Africa, and South America. All items come with a one-year warranty.

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