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Address : Flat F, 10/F., Block 1, Majestic Park, 11 Farm Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 香港九龍土瓜灣農圃道11號帝庭豪園第1座10字樓F室
Main Business
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Melcor Limited was established in 1998 for international trading business.

Our company is spending a lot of efforts for developing new products utilizing new technology developed in Japan. We are always challenging to make excellent, convenient and beautiful products under closely associate with first class qualified

Japanese companies.

 3 Dimensional prints are one of main items. This product is very hot technology developed in Japan in 2004 and its concept is very new and provide unbelievable image. 

 We also established new business relation with Masafi Mineral Water LLC in U.A.E. This company is Dubai base and distributing high quality mineral water worldwide.

Our Market areas are Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China.

First Solar battery charger had been developed in 2003 and it sold mainly in Japan tremendously. Now we are in a position to supply more powerful second generation.

We are targeting to promote our mobile phone charge among areas no enough electricity but plenty sunshine. Of Course, It can be charged by AC current as well.

Flavour Printing

By tremendous improving production technology of flavor capsule, it become more

easy to produce beautiful prints with super flavor. The idea is that micro capsule flavours to be printed on substrate are broken by very light finger pressure.

Ready-made flavors is available from stock, if necessary, it also may be available

order-made flavor. Please contact our sales about your own flavor.






同時、我們興中東阿聯酋杜拜“Masafi Mineral Water LLC天然礦泉水供應商建立了業務往來,“Masafi”天然礦泉水取得世界優質獎、我們市場是香港、臺灣、澳門、中國。


2003年我們發展了第一代太陽能手機充電器主要銷售市場日本,銷售量達到理想的數目。然而、我們更加努地研究、發展成如今第二代太陽能手機充電器、在沒有足夠太陽的時候也可以用AC充電,這就是我們第二代太陽能 / AC手機充電器



我們現有9種香薰 - 咖啡、玫瑰、薄荷、草莓、橙、檸檬、香蕉、密瓜、西瓜


Melcor Limitedは香港と世界各地をつなぐ国際間貿易を目的として1998年に設立されました。日本で開発された最新技術を利用した新製品の開発に努力しております。一流として認められた会社と緊密な協力関係の下で、優秀、便利そして美しい製品作りに挑戦しております。