Quanzhou Boyuan Trading-economic Co., Ltd.

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Tel. : 86-20-81024686 Fax. : 86-20-81024687
Web Site : http://www.boyuanrevashoes.com
Address : 1902# Bld. F22, Nanwan,Ligang,Nanan Road,Guangzhou,Guangdong,China
Main Business
Leather Shoes
Sports Shoes
Hiking Shoes

We produce 1,200,000 pairs of shoes per year, and all of our output is exported to the USA, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Our main items are sports shoes, casual shoes and hiking shoes. Made from pigskin, cow skin, or split suede, we have 3 production lines and 1,200 shoe-making machines. Current monthly capacity is 100,000 pairs. Delivery time usually takes 30 days and samples are available in 7 days.

While we can promptly meet even the largest order requirements, we also accept your order for as few as 1,000 pairs. We can supply volume orders, and customers can view full-color images of our shoes lines. We are outfitted to make OEM and buyer-label footwear according to your specified quality standards.