Amass International Corp

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Contact Person : Diana   Wu Contact Email : Inquire now!
Tel. : (886 4) 24368686 Fax. : (886 4) 24367799
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Address : P.O. Box: 41-45, Taichung Taichung Tai Chung Taiwan
Main Business

All categories - 15 products

Board/tabletop games - 1 product

Casino & gambling accessories - 11 products

Magic tricks & practical joke products - 2 products

Refill/protective file sheets - 1 product
Supplying over 70 Las Vegas casinos
With dozens of high-class Las Vegas casinos on our client list and 15 years in the business, Amass is Taiwan's premier manufacturer of plastic and paper playing cards.
Amass production facility
We have invested US$70 million in our production facilities, with 80% of our equipment imported from Japan or Germany. This allows us to mass produce 1.5 million decks every month, and deliver in 10 days or less.

OEM orders are welcome
Along with standard playing cards in new designs every month, Amass can do any size or shape you need, using photos or whatever image you like. Our sales team responds to inquiries in one hour and is ready for orders in English, Japanese, Spanish or Arabic. For samples in just two days, contact us today.