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What does it mean to you supplying from a manufacturer with 25-year shoes experiences? That means we have strong production capability for your order requirements, make your order delivery more smoothly, and offer better customization. Pulate Footwear has been manufacturing for 25 years, exporting for 15 years, and designing casual shoes for six years.
With a production facility in Fujian, the heart of mainland China's shoes industry, we manufacture casual shoes, sports shoes, children shoes, mountaineering boots, football shoes, etc .in original design. Material options include PU, EVA, PVC, RB, leather and so on. Three production lines operated by 800 staff turn out 350,000 pairs monthly.

Pulate shoes are primarily delivered to Europe and North America. Our annual export revenue totals US$15 million. We have strong R&D team, releasing 750 styles of shoes annually. Our 30 designers provide OEM samples in 4-7 days. Feel free to discuss your ideas with us.

Not only 25 years of experience, Pulate also assures you 25 years of credit. Start to work with a reliable supplier. Contact us now.