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Address : 8 Youyi Road Hexi Tianjin China
Main Business

All categories - 15 products

Art coloring materials & sets - 1 product

Free weights & weight benches - 1 product

Hiking backpacks & rucksacks - 1 product

Indoor slippers - 1 product

Infants' & children's shoes - 1 product

Notebooks - 1 product

Outdoor/camping tents - 2 products

Rain boots/shoes - 1 product

Skiwear - 1 product

Sleeping bags - 1 product

Sports shoes - 1 product

Stationery scissors - 1 product

String instruments - 1 product

Volleyballs - 1 product
About TSS Fortune
At TSS Fortune, we've been providing supplier-sourcing options for buyers of camping equipment, sporting goods, footwear and school and office stationery for 24 years. Serving a client base of 3,000 companies, we currently export to North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Australia and Southeast Asia.
Providing Trade Expertise
We have more than 40 TSS Fortune trade specialists who are familiar with your market demands. They help us develop market feedback into products that we offer you. Overseas sales offices in Argentina and the United Arab Emirates enable us to keep in close contact with our buyers. We can offer products made both in-house and supplied by a list of 20 partner factories from 20 provinces across mainland China. Our large supplier list means we can deliver the options you need for your quality, materials and pricing requirements.

Extensive Selection Offered
Aside from our primary product lines, we can also help you source exercise equipment, musical instruments, paper products and toys. We export up to $60 million in total orders each year, including $20 million in tents and sleeping bags.

Production for Your Markets
Six ISO 9001:2000-certified factories translate to precision processing of your orders. We support our quality management system with production equipment from noted sources in Germany and Japan, such as Brother and Juki. Our OEM ability includes releasing working samples of your designs in seven days. We also offer you our own line of registered brands, with a total of 24 trademarks. We accept orders for at least 500 units.

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