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Address : Flat 4 Fangdichan Bldg No. 1007, South Renmin Rd Shenzhen Guangdong China 518001
Main Business

All categories - 25 products

Solar lights - 23 products

Solar panels - 2 products
Our solar lighting factory in Shenzhen, China covers an area of 12,000 square meters. We employ about 1,000 staff members and 40 engineers. About 3 million small-sized solar molds are manufactured daily at our facilities.
Production utilizes 20 laser cutting machines, vacuum and encapsulated systems. We specialize in manufacturing solar panel items with a 0.01-100W range, as well as build solar lights and other solar products.

We have close working relationships with the China Academy of Sciences and leading universities, enabling us to update our product catalog with up to 20 new models every year. Our research and development program has obtained many patents, and is well-equipped for producing photovoltaic products.

Our ISO certified status is proof of our expertise. Inquire now about our OEM capability.