Kai Way Ent Co Ltd

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Contact Person : Lee   Yvonne Contact Email : Inquire now!
Tel. : (886 2) 28360395 Fax. : (886 2) 28337895
Web Site : http://www.kaiway.com.tw
Address : 1F, No. 6, Alley 31, Lane 190 Tch-Hsing E. Rd Shih Lin Chu Taipei Taiwan
Main Business
All categories - 15 products

Bar/wine sets & accessories - 7 products

Burners/oil rings & supplies - 2 products

Gourmet/kitchen knives - 1 product

Marble kitchenware - 2 products

Old-fashion/shot/highball glasses - 1 product

Perfume packaging bottles & components - 1 product

Wine openers & corkscrews - 1 product
Supplying Avon and a host of other buyers
Kai Way manufactures wine and bar accessories, bathroom sets, manicure sets, fragrance lamps, and pewter products. Since 1982, we have customized and designed orders for clients in the US, Europe, Australia and Central and South America. These buyers include manufacturers, agents, buying offices, mail order houses, importers, trading companies and wholesalers. Avon is perhaps our most well known buyer.
Kai Way's quality guarantee
To ensure the products we ship to you meet your expectations for reliability, we conduct quality inspections in house.

Developing your products in 45 days
Place your ODM or OEM orders with us, and our skilled craftsman will provide you with flexible design support and a short lead time. In fact, we at Kai Way can complete your order in just 45 days.

Contact us today
Minimum order is set at US$10,000 per shipment, but is still negotiable for your convenience. To receive samples of our offerings in just one week, contact us today.