POTS Splitter
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Product Name : POTS Splitter
Product Origin : China
Product Category : POTS/ISDN splitters
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Contact Details : Guangdong Tianle Telecom Equipment Ltd.
Product Code : 001
Product Details
Our MP18 broadband distribution system is a new generation of compact high-performance products that our company has developed in accordance with the trend of current ADSL and the actual machine room conditions. On the basis of traditional MDF, it achieves fast broadband distribution and applies to all types of MDF distribution
modules in the existing telecom network. The POTS splitter is integrated with special purpose passive devices and demonstrates extremely high reliability. Its performance conforms to YD/T1187-2002,YD/T1055-2000 and YDN078-1998 standards.

The POTS splitter separates POTS signal of low frequency from data signal of high
frequency. Adding a new broadband subscriber requires only adding one new connection port and a pair of jumpers. It is also sufficient to plug an MP18 POTS splitter
in the appropriate port of the original exchange row module without any change
to the distribution box for economizing space and better distribution operation
and efficiency.

1) Saves room
2) Less jumpers, simpler operation and easier maintenance
3) Fewer cables with less length
4) Equipment suppliers can increase the port density by saving DSLAM space
5) High density